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Paul Hannan

Paul Hannan

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Paul became a resource for me because I could always rely on him for good advice in real estate. The only person I thought about when my mother in law was in her final days and we
needed to sell the condo was Paul Hannan.

I would refer Paul Hannan to anyone!

– Angelo Gervaisio


My Real Estate business is always evolving. While at one point, I was leading a large Real Estate team, I recently scaled back to a smaller, leaner team model. My business associate and I recently opened our own RE/MAX team office in the prestigious Sherwood Forrest Shopping Centre. We are very proud of our upscale office space. We believe that it reflects us and our business and we love bringing our clients there. We are a tight knit group working in unison to best serve the needs of our clients.

Often, that includes accomplishing things not typically within the realm of a real estate agent’s duties, but we enjoy going above and beyond and exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our team is built on the foundation of service, trust and accountability in order to give our clients a real estate experience that can’t be topped. My 32 years of Real Estate experience gives me the insight needed to be able to handle any and all real estate matters that we encounter. This experience is of great value to my clients and often has made the difference between securing their purchase/sale or not.

I was born in the city of Toronto and grew up in the suburbs of Mississauga. I was raised believing that honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of life and a long lasting career, and I’ve held that belief for my entire 32-years in real estate sales. People tell me that they see me as a straight shooter because I don’t sugar coat things and I don’t pretend to be someone that I’m not. They find that I’m the same man in my personal life as I am in my business life.

I am proud of that because it’s important to me to be known as the guy that that people can trust – the guy that provides the best information and the best service and is the name that people want to share within their circles. My clients mean everything to me. Because the large majority of my clients come to me via referral from a friend, a past client or another REALTOR®, we already know a little about each other up front and our relationship quite often turns into a friendship. I want my clients to become friends for life. I value those friendships and having client/friends from all walks of life.

Most people don’t know that I actually speak three languages: English of course, but I also speak French and am fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) for the Deaf ! I began to learn ASL as a teenager to communicate with the mother of my girlfriend at that time. During the second year of my real estate career, I was referred to a Deaf couple who wanted to buy a condo. I used my rudimentary knowledge of the language at that time to communicate with them, and in short order, I sold them their first home. It was at that point that I realized that there was a void in my industry and in the Deaf community for an agent who could communicate in their language, so I began to take several years of sign language classes to reach a level of competency that I could properly communicate with members of the Deaf community and to also understand the Deaf culture.

Over the years, I have sold many homes for Deaf clients and they have enjoyed having the ability to communicate simply rather than having to constantly write things down. It has been wonderful for me to be able to provide that service to an often unrecognized community in our area. Before real estate, I was working for a wiring device manufacturer and was the youngest sales representative in the electrical industry. At 22-years-old, I built a wholesale network, and was meeting with engineers and designers to plan out lighting systems for large venues like banquet halls and hotels. It was a great job and had many perks, such as a company car and an expense account.

At the time, I thought that this was going to be my lifelong career. However, it was an accident on a motorcycle that changed everything for me. I found myself with a broken leg and on disability leave from the company and I had plenty of time to reflect on how far I had come and where I wanted to go. My mother had been in real estate for about five years at that time and she was very successful. She encouraged me take the real estate course, and at the age of 23, I became a full time real estate agent! I haven’t looked back since. I have been in the real estate industry for 32 years now! I truly love what I do. I live for the interaction with clients and other real estate colleagues.

My day is all about building relationships, and the end result of spending time with people that I enjoy is the sale of a house or condo. I basically get paid to enjoy the company of my clients and friends. What an amazing job! I have sold houses in all price ranges, and in fact, in the past six months alone, I have sold houses at prices ranging from $180,000 to $2.3 million. The sale price makes no difference in how I care for my client – everybody gets the royal treatment.

I am proud to have earned many prestigious awards during my career, including the RE/MAX 100% Club, Platinum Club, Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement awards. I am also an accredited Registered Relocation Specialist, Global Accredited Representative, and an International Real Estate Specialist. My wife and I are proud parents to an amazing 23-year-old daughter. I live in Mississauga and have owned several houses in the area since purchasing my first in Clarkson at the age of 25. I love to travel and have enjoyed trips to many international destinations throughout Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and of course North America. For many years, I was also an avid hang glider pilot and flew mostly in the Muskoka Lakes region of Ontario. I love to play golf, and this has been my recreational passion.




Platinum Club Award


Hall of Fame Award


Lifetime Achievement Award


Registered Relocation Specialist


Global Accredited Representative


International Real Estate Specialist


Member of the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing

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